The SLF Team

Todd G. Young


Todd Young serves as CEO for Southeastern Legal Foundation. He has worked with SLF since 1994, directing SLF’s policy, outreach, and media relations before stepping into his current role.

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Kimberly S. Hermann

Executive Director

Kimberly Hermann serves as Executive Director for Southeastern Legal Foundation. Since 2009, she has been working with SLF where she has dedicated her legal career to the freedom-based law movement.

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Eric Dial

Program Director

Eric Dial serves as Program Director for Southeastern Legal Foundation. He has worked with SLF since 1997, establishing SLF’s development office and designing and implementing strategic programs.

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Braden Boucek

Vice President of Litigation

Braden Boucek serves as the Vice President of Litigation for Southeastern Legal Foundation. He is a seasoned constitutional litigator and is proud to have spent over two decades fighting for liberty and the rule of law.

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Cece O’Leary

Director of Legal Initiatives

Cece O’Leary serves as Director of Legal Initiatives for Southeastern Legal Foundation. She has worked with Southeastern Legal Foundation since 2018 and has been fighting for liberty ever since.

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Ben Isgur

Litigation Attorney

Ben Isgur serves as a litigation attorney for Southeastern Legal Foundation having joined the team in 2023.

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Jordan Miller

Litigation Attorney

Jordan Miller joined the Southeastern Legal Foundation team in 2023 and serves as a litigation attorney.

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Board of Trustees

Hon. Edwin Meese III, Trustee Emeritus

Washington, DC

Hon. Ronald W. “Ronnie” Chance, Chairman

Tyrone, GA

Denny Jones

Atlanta, GA

Hon. Joseph H. Arnall

Jacksonville, FL​

Kathy Barco Jossim

Jacksonville, FL​

Michael G. Riley

Narragansett, RI

Emerson Russell

Chattanooga, TN​

Gay Mayfield

Savannah, GA

Amy Starzynski

Washington, DC and

Sheridan, WY