Protecting Free Speech

The freedom to speak your mind, publish your opinion, and express your views is fundamental – and under assault as never before. The First Amendment right to free speech also protects against compelled speech – being forced to adhere to a policy or ideology with which you disagree.  SLF stands shoulder to shoulder in court with Americans when free speech is stifled by the government.

1A Project

The First Amendment shouldn’t be complicated. But on today’s college campuses, students find themselves constantly fighting for their rights to speak, listen, and learn.That’s why SLF launched the 1A Project to equip students with the tools they need to share their message and defend their right to do so.

Speech in Our Schools

Gone are the days of “reading, writing and arithmetic” in today’s public schools.  All too often, parents are left with few options to challenge policies and curriculum that espouse radical views hostile to their own.  SLF steps alongside parents to take on the fight.

Speech in Our Workplaces

Free speech rights don’t stop at the employer’s front door, particularly when a speech policy carries a penalty at work. Whether the government is regulating professional speech or silencing its own employees, it must be held accountable when it violates the First Amendment.