Southeastern Legal Foundation represents your freedoms in court. We are not a single-issue organization. We are Freedom’s lawyers and work to combat government overreach, guard individual liberty, protect free speech, and secure property rights. Our cases vindicate our clients’ constitutional rights and set precedent to preserve all Americans’ rights under our Constitution.

Combating Government Overreach

SLF combats government overreach by taking the battle to the courtroom when the government forgets America is a government of laws and not men.

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Protecting Free Speech

SLF protects your right to speak and to not speak by standing shoulder to shoulder with Americans in court when their free speech rights are stifled by the government.

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Reclaiming Civil Liberties

SLF guards your individual liberty by defending equal protection under the law, confronting government social engineering, and preserving economic freedom. 

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Securing Property Rights

SLF secures property rights by going to court when the government takes property without paying just compensation, ensuring that all Americans can use and enjoy their property.

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