Rebuilding the
American Republic®

Southeastern Legal Foundation is a national, nonprofit legal organization dedicated to defending liberty and Rebuilding the American Republic®. Since 1976, SLF has been going to court for the American people when the government overreaches and violates your constitutional rights.

Who We Are

SLF believes that the U.S. Constitution is a complete document, creating limits on government. When the government goes beyond those limits, we hold the government accountable, enforce the Constitution, and Rebuild the American Republic® under the original design laid out by our Founding Fathers.

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Guarding Individual Liberty

Americans have a right and duty to safeguard against tyranny and to demand their government respect individual liberty.

SLF protects that right by defending equal protection under the law, confronting government social engineering, and preserving economic freedom.

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Protecting Free Speech

The First Amendment protects both your right to speak and to not speak. It is what sets America apart from the rest of the world. But  in today’s society, our First Amendment rights are under assault as never before. 

SLF stands shoulder to shoulder with Americans in court when their free speech rights are stifled by the government.

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Combating Government Overreach

America’s Founders carefully crafted our Constitution to create a government of limited powers that was governed by the People. Too often, modern government forgets this. And when they do, SLF is there to stop them. 

SLF takes the battle to the courtroom and fights against the government’s unconstitutional quest for power and control over your life.

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Securing Property Rights

The right to own and enjoy your private property is the original fundamental right. Too often, the government tries to take property or regulate its use without paying just compensation.

SLF works to secure and protect this fundamental right so that all Americans can use and enjoy their property. Since 1976, SLF has been leading this fight in the U.S. Supreme Court.

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1A Project

America’s colleges were once a marketplace where students could exchange ideas freely without fear of censorship. Today, too many colleges coerce students into silence.

SLF launched the 1A Project because it believes that thoughts should be shared, because only through discourse can we learn and grow as a society. 

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