Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller joined the Southeastern Legal Foundation team in 2023 and serves as a litigation attorney.

From an early age, Jordan had a natural inclination for engaging in debate and took a literal approach to words and the world. These two factors made the field of law a logical pursuit for him. Further, the novel Atlas Shrugged, and more broadly Ayn Rand’s philosophy, resonated with Jordan and provided several guiding principles for his moral compass and how he strives to live his life. Relative to his work, the novel inspires him to defend economic liberty, the right of individuals to succeed through their own virtues, and the rule of law over the rule of men.

In 2013, Jordan graduated Order of the Coif from the University of Virginia School of Law. During his time there, Jordan had the opportunity to work on his school’s Supreme Court Litigation Clinic. Since graduating, Jordan has worked within state and federal judicial systems, including two terms with Justice Stephen J. Markman of the Michigan Supreme Court, two years as a staff attorney for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, a term with Judge Richard L. Voorhees of the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina, and nearly four years serving as a law clerk to a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Witnessing the nation diverge from its founding principles and seeking to serve as an advocate for the beliefs he holds dearly, Jordan has transitioned into public interest law.

When not practicing law, you can find Jordan on the ski slopes in the winter and leading a large outdoors group by organizing hikes and camping trips in the spring, summer, and fall. Jordan is also a competitive curler.