Securing Property Rights

Perhaps the original fundamental right, the right to own and enjoy private property means that the individual, not the State, has the power.  The Constitution protects “life, liberty, and property,” requiring government regulators to tread as lightly as possible on property ownership.  SLF has been in the U.S. Supreme Court in multiple landmark cases.

Stopping Overregulation

Covering a wide array of issues pitting bureaucrats and their allies against property owners, aggressive regulators often overextend their perceived authorities and violate the rights of property owners, business owners, and those who work the land for a living.  SLF continues to lead the way in court protecting these key rights.

Fighting Against Environmental Overreach and “Justice”

The administrative state and its allies in the radical environmental movement continue to use ever more aggressive and novel methods to socially engineer outcomes in housing, land use and to punish job creators.  SLF steps in to challenge the rule-bending process and unconstitutional policies that violate the array of rights.