Washington Examiner: Conservative groups ask Education Department not to undo DeVos sexual assault rules

Southeastern Legal Foundation joined two dozen education, civil rights, and parent advocacy organizations in calling on the U.S. Department of Education to halt its announced overhaul of Title IX, which since 1972 has protected women’s rights in education and sports.

Covering the story, the Washington Examiner explains:

Representatives for 26 organizations, mostly conservative groups, called on the Department of Education‘s assistant secretary for civil rights to drop the agency’s planned revision of regulations governing how schools handle sexual assault cases, claiming it is unnecessary.

The planned regulation would revise a current Trump-era Title IX regulation that streamlined the process for schools to handle sexual assault cases after concerns were raised that previous guidelines from the Obama administration had led to the erosion of due process. The current regulations were spearheaded by former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and garnered substantial opposition from sexual assault awareness groups when enacted in 2020.

The Monday letter was signed by the leaders of numerous organizations, including the Defense of Freedom Institute’s Jim Blew, who served as assistant secretary of planning, evaluation, and policy development under DeVos.

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