The Conservative Woman’s Guide: Kimberly Hermann explains the impact Biden’s Title IX changes will have on college campuses

(April 24, 2024): Southeastern Legal Foundation Executive Director Kimberly Hermann joins the Conservative Woman’s Guide podcast to break down the Biden Administration’s rewrite of Title IX. Title IX was passed by Congress in 1972 to ensure that men and women were treated equally in schools and school programs by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. For decades, “sex” always meant man or woman. But unilaterally and without congressional approval, the Biden Administration rewrote the definition of sex in a new rule promulgated by the Department of Education. Now, “sex” includes gender identity, sex stereotypes, and sex characteristics.

Hermann states, “In order to erode these protections . . . they have to take away the idea of womanhood.” She explains that if the term “woman” is no longer definable, then there is nothing left that Title IX really protects. As a result, SLF anticipates seeing the harmful consequences of Biden’s Title IX overhaul play out in many spaces, including on sports teams, in bathrooms and locker rooms, and through policing of speech on campus.

SLF encourages college students to stand up for themselves on campus in light of the changes to Title IX. One way to do so is to host speakers on campus to talk about Title IX and gender identity issues. Another important way to fight back is to educate themselves through various resources, including free speech trainings SLF offers.

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