Southeastern Legal Foundation releases statement on Biden Administration Department of Education final Title IX regulations

WASHINGTON, DC (April 19, 2024): Today, the Biden Administration released its final federal regulations changing Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and reversing years of progress. Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) firmly opposes the administration’s changes.

Most notably, the Biden Administration Department of Education has changed the rule to expand the definition of sex under Title IX to include gender identity, sex stereotypes, and sex characteristics, while also lowering the bar for who can be accused of violating this policy.

As SLF has repeatedly warned through public comment, letters, and testimony, this change reverses decades of progress toward equality, open discourse, due process, and parental rights. The new rule will have a devastating impact on students, who will be forced to self-censor rather than risk being reported for harassment under the new Title IX standard. The rule also significantly undermines the role of parents—who should be the primary caregivers for their children and who are entitled to raise their children to share certain values and beliefs—by requiring conformity to the federal government’s views on biology and so-called gender identity.

SLF stands ready to assist parents and students in their fight for freedom against this unprecedented power grab.

Download press release.

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