Daily Caller: Law schools’ heckling trends show disturbing future for the legal system, experts argue

(March 14, 2023): Daily Caller News Foundation reports that Southeastern Legal Foundation attorneys and other legal experts are concerned about the alarming rate at which law students are heckling visiting speakers. Recently, protestors have attempted to drown out visiting speakers on well-known campuses like Yale, Stanford, and Georgetown, simply because they do not like what the speaker has to say. Director of SLF’s 1A Project Cece O’Leary explained that law schools are clearly failing to teach “students about their First Amendment rights—both what they include and what they do not include,” as well as general respect for the rule of law. SLF general counsel Kimberly Hermann lamented, “When law schools not only allow, but in some cases encourage, their students to heckle and shout down speakers, they embarrass the entire legal profession.”

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