Guarding Individual Liberty

As the Declaration of Independence lays out, Americans have a right and a duty to safeguard against tyranny and to demand their government respects individual liberty. Armed with the U.S. Constitution, we step forward when the government threatens God-given rights.

Defending Equal Protection Under the Law

The ultimate guarantee of “equal justice under law,” equal protection requires vigilant defense when the government threatens to divide Americans based on illegal, arbitrary, and unconstitutional lines.

Confronting Government Social Engineering

Every day, and in increasingly dangerous ways, the government seeks to divide and control where and how Americans live and work.  SLF directly challenges the array of alien ideologies and policies that undermine liberty.

Preserving Economic Freedom

The self-evident truths are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all of which must be protected against the encroaching hand of big government.  Free enterprise, innovation, jobs and job creation are vital parts of the bundle of constitutionally protected freedoms, and they require constant vigilance in court.