Watch: SLF’s Braden Boucek joins Campus Reform and breaks down the assault on Title IX

(April 26, 2022): Braden Boucek, Southeastern Legal Foundation’s Litigation Director, joins Campus Reform’s Alexa Schwerha and Speech First’s Cherise Trump and explained why SLF opposes the Biden administration’s proposed changes to Title IX of the Education Amendments.





Schwerha explains:

Title IX was enacted by Congress in 1972 to prevent discrimination based on sex in “any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” In its 50-year span, it has opened up doors for women and girls in numerous fields, including sports. Now, the Biden administration is attempting to extend Title IX protections on the basis of gender identity. As Campus Reform previously reported, the Biden administration aimed to finalize the change in April. With only days left in the month, there is no new update as of this reporting on that timeline. The proposal, which would allow men to compete in women’s sports divisions, contrasts 15 states that have imposed gender-specific mandates on athletics.

SLF and Speech First joined a coalition of 27 organizations in sending a letter to the Department of Education urging it to fall back on its assault on women.

Boucek explains:

“The administrations anticipated changes of Title IX propose a new definition of sex that rolls back 50 years of advancement for women’s sports. This completely ignores the language structure and purposes of Title IX as it was passed by Congress.”

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