Watch: SLF Executive Director Kimberly Hermann breaks down the Biden Admin’s changes to Title IX

(April 24, 2024): Southeastern Legal Foundation¬†(SLF) Executive Director¬†Kimberly Hermann joins Jesse Kelly on The First to discuss the Biden Administration’s major overhaul of Title IX of the Education Amendments. In an unprecedented move, the Department of Education adopted a new rule that prohibits schools and programs from discriminating on the basis of gender identity and sex stereotypes. This change effectively removes Title IX’s protections for women in the classroom and on sports teams because “sex” no longer means male or female but is defined by how one identifies.

SLF joined hundreds of thousands of commenters in opposing the Biden Administration’s attempts to gut Title IX. Yet the administration plowed ahead, ignoring many of the concerns expressed by SLF and others that the rule would have a devastating impact on students, especially when it comes to playing sports and exercising their freedom of speech. The Department of Education also lacks authority to unilaterally change the definition of sex in a congressional law, and Hermann predicts that the public can expect several lawsuits before the rule goes into effect on August 1.

Watch the full interview at The First.

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