Watch: SLF Director of Legal Initiatives Cece O’Leary discusses latest lawsuit against USDA with Stacy Washington

(April 9, 2024): Southeastern Legal Foundation’s (SLF) Director of Legal Initiatives Cece O’Leary joins Stacy Washington Now to break down SLF’s latest lawsuit brought on behalf of Texas farmers. The farmers have suffered losses due to natural disasters that entitle them to federal relief. But the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) decided, unilaterally and without any approval from Congress, that it would give more relief money to farmers of its preferred races and sex than to farmers who are white or male.

The Texas farmers have not received as much relief money as they would have if they were of a different race or sex, so they are suing the Biden Administration USDA over this unconstitutional and unlawful discriminatory relief program. The farmers are represented by SLF and Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) free of charge.

Watch the full interview at Salem News Channel.


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