TND: Nonprofit releases guidebook to help parents fight ‘woke education’ in public schools

(May 12, 2022): The National Desk covers the launch of Southeastern Legal Foundation’s (SLF) parent guidebook: “Your Child’s Rights and What to Do About Them: A parent’s guide to saving America’s public schools.” Writing for TND, Alex Schemmel explains: “A nonprofit dedicated to “defending liberty and rebuilding the American Republic” has released a guidebook for parents on fighting political indoctrination in schools across the country. The 18-page guidebook is meant to help parents understand their rights, and put together a strategy to combat the infusion of politically charged topics, like “critical race theory,” into their children’s education.”

Speaking to TND, SLF General Counsel Kimberly Hermann noted: “Schools are teaching kids to hate America so they will destroy it. This is not only a culture war. It is also a constitutional war. And parents will not win unless they understand the law and use it strategically. Parents across America are speaking up, running for school board, and testifying before state legislatures. But many still shy away from using the law because it can be confusing and even intimidating. We hope our guidebook will give parents the confidence to use all available legal avenues to stop schools from violating their children’s rights.”

Read the full article at and download the parent guidebook.

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