The Federalist Radio Hour: Kimberly Hermann discusses the state of free speech in higher ed

(March 11, 2024): Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) Executive Director Kimberly Hermann joins Emily Jashinsky of the Federalist on her podcast to discuss the state of free speech in higher education. Hermann describes the ways universities are directly and indirectly silencing the speech of conservative students on campus and the ways in which SLF is fighting back, including a recent lawsuit SLF filed against the University of New Mexico for imposing exorbitant security fees on a Turning Point USA chapter for hosting conservative speaker Riley Gaines.

Hermann also warns about the dangers of the Biden administration’s proposed changes to Title IX and how the new rule will affect students in their everyday lives. Hermann says, “[W]e have a federal government, and especially a federal Department of Education, that is doing everything that it can to silence students on college campuses that disagree with its agenda. . . As the federal government changes what the term ‘sex’ means, it is also going to be infringing on free speech, and so it is going to basically make it illegal for anyone to use an incorrect pronoun.”

However, Hermann states, “We know that the Constitution is on our side. We know that the laws as they stand and they were established by our Founders are on our side. It’s just that we have to have brave Americans like the ones that we represent to actually take those cases to court.”

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