The Daily Signal: Don’t let the Department of Education silence our kids

(July 3, 2024): In this piece for the Daily Signal, Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) Executive Director Kimberly Hermann warns that the Department of Education under the Biden Administration is set to undo years of progress with its unprecedented revision of Title IX. For over 50 years, Title IX–a Congressional statute–has protected women and girls by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in colleges and K-12 schools. But the Biden Administration issued a new rule that will change the very text and purpose of Title IX by replacing the word “sex” with “gender identity.”

Under the new rule, girls who feel uncomfortable sharing a locker room with a biological male “could be cited for sexual harassment for expressing extremely natural and justified concerns about their mental and physical well-being.” And it gets worse. “Elementary school students who plainly see their teacher as a man in a dress are told to defy their senses and pretend that adult is a woman. . . . Then these students are emotionally manipulated into believing that if they speak the truth, they are driving trans students toward self-harm.”

SLF is holding the Biden Administration accountable in court and beyond. Americans must come together to stand up to the Department of Education’s attempts to alter reality and drive a wedge between families, which is why SLF will be participating in this year’s March for Kids in Washington, DC.

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