The American Mind: Fighting CRT in the classroom

In their most recent joint piece for The American Mind, Southeastern Legal Foundation General Counsel Kimberly Hermann and SLF Litigation Director Braden Boucek describe lesser-known strategies that can be equally as effective as itigation strategies for battling woke education using the Constitution and Civil Rights Acts.

In the piece, Hermann and Boucek explain:

Parents expect to protect their children from scraped knees, hurt feelings, and even broken hearts. But no one expects to have to protect their children from their own schools. Yet in 2021, we find ourselves engaged in a pitched culture war to save our nation’s K-12 schools from curricula that teaches them to prioritize skin color, to distrust other racial groups, and that biological sex is a fiction that can be changed anytime.

With education topping voters’ concerns in the recent 2021 Virginia off-year election, the Biden administration teamed up with BigEd and attempted to silence parents by threatening to label them as “domestic terrorists” for demanding accountability from their local school boards. It didn’t work. A generation of parents awoke to see clearly what their school boards are up to and defend their children. Now the Mama and Papa Bears are exposing every potentially illegal or unconstitutional classroom lesson they find and taking back their school boards.

They then walk parents through some of the lesser known strategies including the Hatch Act, teacher ethics, and transparency laws.

They conclude by reminding schools that parents have rights and that when they violate those rights, Southeastern Legal Foundation is there to protect them.

The public is waking up to the reality that the educational class is not made up of neutral public servants. They are supposed to work for us in the nurturing of our children but may in fact operate more like political operatives. It is time to hold our teachers to the same standards as a clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles. They work for us even if they don’t act like it. Let’s teach them exactly who works for whom.

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