Steve Gruber Show: Braden Boucek breaks down political indoctrination by schools and the K-12 cartels

Braden Boucek, Southeastern Legal Foundation Litigation Director, joined Steve Gruber on Real America’s Voice to talk about the battle to save our K-12 schools from political indoctrination.

Boucek explains that no one expects to have to protect their children from their own schools. But as parents and lawyers, we now find ourselves engaged in a pitched culture war to save our nation’s K-12 schools from curricula that teaches them to prioritize skin color, to distrust other racial groups, and that biological sex is a fiction that can be changed anytime.

One example is the use of public school classrooms to essentially lobby students to join teachers in their political views, causes, and even support of candidates candidates. In Springfield, Missouri, teachers were told to support socialist candidates and causes as part of mandatory teacher training. Teachers have advocated for students to pledge allegiance to Pride flags. An Oregon school board is requiring every classroom to display a BLM flag. Some schools have an entire week devoted to honoring the Black Lives Matter organization.

But fortunately, we have Hatch Act laws that restrict the political activities of government employees on work time. Violations can be punished by loss of position or even as crimes. Schools are government agencies staffed by public employees. They should be as politically neutral as any public workplace. But you may have noticed that schools have mission statements, posters, and flags that look less like instructional material and more like propaganda meant to indoctrinate and mobilize. In any other governmental building, they would stand out as glaring examples of inappropriate politics.

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