PJ Media: Not created equal: Biden’s racist farm loan relief reverses course on color-blind protections

Braden Boucek, Southeastern Legal Foundation’s (SLF) director of litigation, writes for PJ Media about SLF’s multi-lawsuit effort to stop President Biden’s discriminatory loan forgiveness program that excludes white farmers solely because of their skin color.

Boucek provides background on the racially exclusive and discriminatory program:

The Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 specifically provides automatic loan forgiveness of up to 120 percent of the loan amount for farmers and ranchers, unless they are white. The USDA also intends to allow non-white farmers to re-apply for new loans through the federal program, while specifically excluding white farmers.

Despite sixty years of progress eliminating racial discrimination by governments and court-backed mandates ensuring color-blind access under the law, the recent race-based loan forgiveness program is a blatant reemergence of state-sanctioned racism. The Washington Post reports that the payments begin in June. In its coverage, the Post acknowledges that some “argue that the relief is a form of reverse discrimination.”

Boucek continues, explaining why SLF and co-counsel Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) filed the lawsuits on behalf or Wyoming rancher, Leisl Carpenter, and Tennessee farmer, Rob Holman:

What an odd characterization. There is no “reverse discrimination.” There is only discrimination. Discrimination doesn’t travel in a direction and so it cannot go in reverse. Discrimination stays in one place and it is firmly in the neighborhood of the wrong. It will always face hostility in America, and it should.

That is why we, alongside our friends at Mountain States Legal Foundationsued on behalf of a hardworking Wyoming rancher who is ineligible purely because of her skin color. The Southeastern Legal Foundation and the MSLF filed the lawsuit in the District of Wyoming on behalf of Leisl Carpenter, a sixth-generation rancher. Her family has been ranching in Big Laramie Valley since they emigrated to the United States in 1862.

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