Legal group releases guide on how parents can fight back against ‘illegal woke education’

(May 12, 2022): In an exclusive, Fox News Digital covers Southeastern Legal Foundation’s launch of a legal guidebook to help parent’s fight back against woke education. Writing for Fox News, Hannah Grossman writes, “The guidebook, dubbed “America’s guide to saving schools,” shows how critical race theory appears in K-12 schools, outlines a student’s First Amendment rights, and options people can take if they believe a school has stepped on their rights.”

In an interview with Grossman, SLF General Counsel Kimberly Hermann explained

“Critical race theory was dreamed up by legal scholars seeking to subvert the Civil Rights Act and the Constitution. Those scholars and the K-12 cartels have worked for decades to push critical race theory into every aspect of America’s education system. We hope that our guidebook shows parents that the law is their most powerful weapon. The law can be confusing, but whether public schools can treat people differently based on race or compel students to affirm ideas they don’t believe in. We will not win this constitutional war without fighters … This is also about courtrooms.”

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