Watch: Springfield Public Schools district leaders, lawyer react to recent lawsuit over equity training

(Aug. 20, 2021): Missouri’s KY3 News covers federal lawsuit filed by Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) on behalf of educators in Springfield, Missouri seeking to stop the largest public school district in the state from violating the First Amendment and requiring as a condition of employment that its educators commit to equity, become anti-racist educators, and affirm divisive and discriminatory programming that promotes treating individuals differently based on skin color.

In response to the district’s comment that the lawsuit is a “distraction, SLF general counsel Kimberly Hermann told reporter Liam Garrity that

“What’s a distraction is when they’re replacing traditional education in the classroom with this so called equity and anti-racist training,” said Hermann. “They’re teaching them to look, first and foremost, as we said, at the color of their skin, and at the color of their friend’s skin, not to look at the inside of the person.”

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