Just the News: NEA hid votes on ‘white fragility,’ Black Lives Matter, reparations amid new scrutiny

The National Education Association – our country’s largest teacher’s union – has scrubbed their website, hiding resolutions from parents that show its committment to critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, reparations, and even abortion. Writing for Just the News, Greg Piper explains that Southeastern Legal Foundation found and publicized a series of resolutions to that effect:

The NEA approved partnering with organizations seeking reparations for “descendants of enslaved Africans” (NBI 25), which was still live July 3 but had disappeared without redirecting five weeks later.

At least three 2019 resolutions may have been scrubbed before the July 2021 resolutions drew scrutiny, with their last live archives in May or June 2021.

NEA approved promoting the “Black Lives Matter Week of Action” in schools (NBI 19). Its agenda includes mandatory teaching of ethnic studies starting in pre-kindergarten, replacing “zero-tolerance policies … with restorative justice practices,” and hiring “more counselors not cops.”

NBI 118, which demands the U.S. government “accept responsibility for the destabilization of Central American countries” that led to a flood of asylum seekers, was “404 not found” Dec. 14, the next time it was archived.

An approved resolution opposing “all attacks on the right to choose” abortion (NBI 56) was “404 not found” by July 10.

The NEA didn’t answer queries Tuesday seeking an explanation for the removal of its resolutions and subsequent redirections of their URLs to its RA portal. Just the News asked whether they were migrated to new URLs or if old resolutions are customarily removed after a certain time period.

Last summer, the nation’s largest teachers union scrubbed its website of newly approved resolutions approving funding for “critical race theory” promotion, “fight[ing] back against anti-CRT rhetoric,” and anti-racism training.

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