Just The News: Missouri teachers sue district for ‘oppression matrix’ antiracist training, compelled speech

Just The News reports on the federal lawsuit filed earlier this week by Southeastern Legal Foundation on behalf of educators in Springfield, Missouri. In the lawsuit, Brooke Henderson and Jennifer Lumley allege that Springfield Public Schools requires them to undergo “equity training” that includes discussing their place on an “oppression matrix” and advocating for “changes in political, economic, and social life.”

Just The News reporter Greg Piper writes:

The First Amendment lawsuit claims employees are in a “no-win situation” because they are told during programming that “white silence” is white supremacy, yet if they share their honest views against race essentialism, they will be “asked to leave.”

The training at issue was exposed earlier this year by the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo. The district told Fox News at the time the training “encourages participants to consider how their individual journey may differ from the experiences of others” and that media coverage included “incorrect and/or incomplete information, without appropriate context.”

It’s the second Southeastern Legal Foundation lawsuit on behalf of Midwest educators this summer. Stacy Deemar accused a suburban Chicago school district of active racial segregation and making children read a book that shows a devil figure offering a “contract binding you to WHITENESS.”

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