John Solomon Reports: Kimberly Hermann joins John Solomon to discuss lawsuits against school districts

Kimberly Hermann, Southeastern Legal Foundation General Counsel joins John Solomon on the John Solomon Reports podcast to discuss SLF’s lawsuits aimed at stopping divisive and discriminatory teacher training and curriculum in our country’s public schools.

Discussing the unconstitutional district-wide mandatory training at the center of SLF’s most recent anti-CRT lawsuit, Hermann explains:

Last year, the school district there required all of its employees — so anyone down from a bus driver driving the kids to school, all the way up to an AP history teacher, actually teaching them in the classroom – required them to do what they called an equity and anti-racist training. This training told educators to commit to “equity” and become “anti-racist educators. Compelling the teachers, and the educators in these trainings to agree with the doctrines that they know are illegal … they’re then being asked to go into the classroom and violate the students’ equal protection rights.

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