Just the News: Group suing for Biden’s pseudonymic emails asks court to speed up Archives’ work

(Jan. 9, 2024): Just the News reports on Southeastern Legal Foundation’s (SLF) recent brief requesting a federal court to compel the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to speed up its document production in response to SLF’s FOIA request. The request seeks the pseudonymous emails of then-Vice President Biden which were used to send government information and discuss government business with his son, Hunter, among others. SLF filed a federal lawsuit in August after NARA failed to produce a single document. Now, after already delaying production by nineteen months, NARA has requested an additional two and a half years to process documents in response to SLF’s request, delaying production until 2026 at the earliest. SLF is asking the court to require NARA to comply with its duties under federal law.

Read the full article at JustTheNews.com.

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