Combating Government Overreach

The American Founders knew that a powerful government would threaten liberty. So they separated legislative, executive, and judicial powers and then placed ultimate sovereignty in the hands of the people. Despite those safeguards in the U.S. Constitution, the modern government’s quest for power and control over American lives, endangers liberties and limits freedom more than ever.  This is why SLF goes to court – to fight for American liberty.

Holding Government Accountable

Elected officials and bureaucrats are often blinded by their quest for power and control, and forget about their duty and oath to uphold the Constitution. This is why our country needs a legal watchdog like SLF to ask the tough questions, seek evidence, and go to court when necessary.

Exposing Corruption

Corruption in government takes many forms including lying under oath and lying to the American people. All of these degrade public trust in the American Republic. SLF fights against public corruption to protect the rule of law. 

Protecting the Republic

Today’s aggressive administrative state produces layer after layer of stifling rules and regulations that choke American liberty. True to SLF’s mission and the Founding Fathers’ vision, SLF frequently challenges the so-called “Fourth Branch” of government’s power grabs, taking cases to the highest court in the land.