AEI Education publishes report by SLF General Counsel Kimberly Hermann on the fight to stop critical race theory

WASHINGTON, DC (April 14, 2022): America Enterprise Institute’s Conservative Education Reform Network published a report by SLF General Counsel Kimberly Hermann titled, “The Critical Race Theory Fight Isn’t ‘Culture War’; It’s Constitutional War.”

In the Report, Hermann notes:

  • Advocates of critical race theory (CRT) are correct to point out that it was originally an academic theory generated by law schools, but CRT’s opponents have been too slow to understand the full implications of this.
  • CRT was designed to subvert the Civil Rights Act and America’s constitutional order. When CRT praxis reaches public schools, what appears to be a “culture war” issue is actually part of a broader constitutional war issue.
  • To fight that war, more public interest law firms must see the bigger picture, and more parents must be willing to step forward to fight on every front necessary to preserve our constitutional order.

Read the full report at

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