The Epoch Times: A defeat in the courts for Biden’s racist ‘equity’ policies

Writing for The Epoch Times, Roger L. Simon declares, “Bravo to the Southeastern Legal Foundation” for its recent win halting President Biden’s discriminatory farm loan forgiveness program that excludes white farmers.

In the article, Simon explains:

President Biden and his people relentlessly pursue this “equity”—essentially a euphemism for reparations—largely for political reasons, further dividing the races in our society in a calculated manner and nurturing a grievance culture without end. (Gandhi’s “An eye for an eye and the world will die” means nothing to them.)

One particularly egregious way in which they were doing it was through the recently enacted program of forgiving loans for farmers based on the color of their skin.

He continues:

Perhaps the administration should have dressed up their racism, as they have before, under a more high-toned, pseudo-intellectual name like “Critical Agriculture Theory.”

For some time now, since during the during the election really, they have lied to us and themselves constantly about race, either swallowing Critical Race Theory whole or not commenting on the racism inherent in it to give themselves deniability from ultimate evil.

The roots of this behavior go way back, further back even than the obvious Obama administration and into an exploitation of black people inherent in the Democratic Party since Lyndon Johnson and well before when they could be overtly racist.

We find this playing out in our time in an extreme, though covert, manner. Whether Biden is stupid (doesn’t understand the implications of what he does) or is senile is moot. Those around him do. They see race as the royal road to power. Nothing could be more reprehensible, more retrograde and more dangerous for the future of our country. They should be opposed at all costs.

Read the full article at Epoch Times.

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