The Pro America Report: Ed Martin interviews SLF’s Braden Boucek about anti-CRT lawsuits

Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) Litigation Director Braden Boucek joined Ed Martin on Pro America Report to discuss SLF’s latest lawsuit seeking to stop divisive and discriminatory actions by public schools across the country.

The lawsuit was brought in the Western District of Missouri against Springfield Public Schools on behalf of two educators seeking to stop the district from violating the First Amendment and requiring as a condition of employment that its educators commit to equity, become anti-racist educators, and affirm divisive and discriminatory programming that promotes treating individuals differently based on skin color.

In the interview, Boucek explains:

Springfield Public Schools violates the First Amendment when it singles out equity as a priority, silences opposing views about the dangers of equity, and forces staff to affirm beliefs which they do not support. Even worse, SPS expects its staff to disclose the steps they plan to take ‘to become anti-racist’ in conformance with the training’s lessons, implement those steps, and pass what they learn on to their students. As an arm of the government, SPS must be held accountable.

Listen to the full interview at The Pro America Report with Ed Martin.

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