Fox News: Missouri school district employees sue over allegedly unconstitutional ‘equity’ training

Sam Dorman covers lawsuit filed by Southeastern Legal Foundation on behalf of educators to stop unconstitutional mandatory equity trianing:

The federal lawsuit¬†reads: “Plaintiffs and all other similarly situated staff risk employment penalties for exercising their right to avoid messages with which they disagree and express messages with which they do agree.”

“Plaintiffs and similarly situated staff are threatened with docked pay and loss of credit hours if they do not affirm those beliefs and participate in those trainings, both in the past and going forward.”

The trainings were one of the many exposed by the Manhattan Institute’s Chris Rufo earlier this year. They included things like an “oppression matrix” and teachings like “colorblindness” and “all lives matter” are forms of covert White supremacy.

“SPS [Springfield Public Schools] promotes and reinforces a view of race essentialism that divides Americans into oppressor and oppressed based solely on their skin color,” Wednesday’s lawsuit reads. “SPS sets up a dichotomy between white and non-white races that depicts whiteness as inherently racist and a tool of oppression.”

Fox News reported earlier this year on one of the sessions. SPS previously said in a statement: “Springfield Public Schools is pleased to provide robust professional development. This includes a focus on how to build welcoming learning environments for students and staff of all backgrounds. It is our responsibility and privilege to serve all people, ensuring every individual within our schools has an opportunity to thrive and achieve their full potential.”

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