Southeastern Legal Foundation Files Public Comment on Biden’s Proposed Critical Race Theory Curriculum

Washington, DC: Today, Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) submitted a formal comment to the Department of Education regarding its proposed rule entitled “Proposed Priorities: American History and Civics Education,” warning that implementation of critical race theory in the classroom results in treating students differently because of their race and thus, violates the law. SLF General Counsel Kim Hermann explains: “The Department of Education must reconsider the proposed priorities and instead of prioritizing funding for illegal and unconstitutional programs, protect all students from racial discrimination through its power to enforce the Civil Rights Act.”

As SLF explains in its letter:

Today, we find ourselves on multiple battlegrounds fighting to save the American Republic. One of the most important battlegrounds is the fight against illegal and unconstitutional curriculum in our K-12 schools that treat our children differently based on race. It divides our country. It is not healthy. It erases decades of progress. And it pits our children against each other, teaching them to hate one another. For the reasons explained in this letter, we urge the Department to reconsider the proposed priorities.

SLF continues, with a warning to parents to stay alert:

But even more, we urge parents to stay alert because these proposed priorities are just the beginning of the federal government’s aggressive attempt to control our nation’s K-12 classrooms and replace history (and objective truth) with identity politics and a warped view of American civics and institutions. In many cases, teachers are told to hide the racially divisive curriculum from parents. In others, students are encouraged to report the words and views of their parents and caretakers as examples of institutional racism. The initial goal is the indoctrination of young minds, but the long view is to aggregate power behind an alien political worldview that fed the dehumanizing machines of the Soviet Union and communist China.

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