DOJ and NSC ignore Trump's declassification orders - what are they hiding? who are they protecting?

WASHINGTON, DC (Oct. 7, 2020): For 365 days, Southeastern Legal Foundation has fought for one very important email sent from a National Security Council analyst named Eric A. Ciaramella (aka the Trump impeachment whistleblower) that was referenced in Special Counsel Mueller's report finding no collusion between President Trump and Russia. Today we received it - well, kind of.

On October 8, 2019, SLF submitted a Freedom of Information Action to the U.S. Department of Justice asking for the email that has been of interest to the public and to congressional investigators because it was sent a few days before a news media leak claiming that President Trump had told Russian diplomats he had fired James Comey. The email was cited by name in a footnote in volume II of the Mueller report, attached to a claim on May 10, 2017 Trump met with the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador.

As Kimberly Hermannn, SLF General Counsel explains, " SLF sought the email because the American public has a right to know whether the so-called whistleblower, the person who helped create the biggest political circus in modern history, was also involved in the Deep State and Hillary Clinton’s plan to tie Trump to Russia to distract the public from Clinton’s misses of her private email server."

Unfortunately, just one day after President Trump ordered the declassification of any and all documents related to the Russia-hoax and Mueller's investigation, the DOJ, NSC, and FBI produced the blacked out email and gave a variety of excuses for the redactions - none of which hold any water.

"SLF was very disappointed, but not surprised, that certain members of the intelligence community are ignoring President Trump's declassification and production orders," said Hermann. "The documents produced to SLF today are completely blacked out so that they hide both the truth behind the Russia-collusion hoax and behind Eric Ciaramella's involvement."

SLF will continue to pursue the redacted information.

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