Brooklyn College: Recruiting for the Ministry of Truth

BROOKLYN, NY (August 21, 2020): Southeastern Legal Foundation has sent another letter to a university regarding its unconstitutional COVID-19 reporting form. This time, Brooklyn College is in the spotlight for encouraging students to report “unsafe practices” about COVID. The form lets students report any questions, comments or concerns about any other students, faculty, staff—and even parents.

“Last we checked, the year was not 1984,” Attorney Cece O’Leary states. “Students already find themselves combating thought police on campus. Now they have to worry about cough police.”

As SLF writes, encouraging students to report others gives them an appearance of authority over their peers. Rather than engage in free speech activities and risk being reported for COVID, students will ultimately choose to self-censor. “This is called a chilling effect, and it is unconstitutional under the First Amendment,” warns General Counsel Kimberly Hermann.

SLF continues to monitor these unconstitutional reporting schemes across the nation.

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