Missouri: Greitens' Investigation Hidden from Public in 'Show-Me' State

Updated: Jan 15

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (Jan. 14, 2020): Southeastern Legal Foundation, together with the Freedom Center of Missouri, today filed a lawsuit on behalf of award-winning journalist John Solomon against St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner seeking documents related to the investigation of former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.

In the lawsuit, they asked the court to order the release of records that Mr. Solomon sought over six months ago and that the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office has refused to release: Ms. Gardner’s email communications with sixteen outside individuals and entities including George Soros, the Open Society Foundation, and the Safety and Justice PAC, to name a few. Under the Missouri Sunshine Law, these records are presumed public, and the government must respond to requests for records within three business days. Unfortunately, this is yet another example of those in a position of power defying transparency.

Many questions arise here. For example, what was Ms. Gardner speaking to George Soros, his employees, and his proxies about? Did they influence her decision to move forward with certain prosecutions? Why not just produce the records like they are statutorily required to do?

Transparency is the rule in Missouri, not the exception. For this reason, Southeastern Legal Foundation and the Freedom Center of Missouri stand with Mr. Solomon to hold government officials accountable at all levels and in all places.

Click here for SLF/Freedom Center of Missouri lawsuit

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