FBI, CIA, ODNI Sued for Documents on Carter Page, U.S. Citizens - Update

Updated: Jan 15

UPDATE (Dec. 12, 2019): The Federal Bureau of Investigation, by and through the U.S. Department of Justice, today sent SLF a letter maintaining "no relevant documents" in the ongoing litigation described below - despite the release this week of the DOJ Inspector General report on FISA abuse and the Carter Page surveillance investigation detailing 17 counts of critical 'errors and omissions' that reveal wrongdoing and lapses in leadership and procedures throughout the FBI FISA process.

"DOJ Inspector General Horowitz laid out a clear pattern of 'errors and omissions' - more than 17 such errors - committed by the FBI before the FISC on four separate warrant applications on Carter Page. It simply does not pass the straight-face test that the FBI now says it has 'no responsive documents' on its actions related to review and discipline. When will the deception and cover up end," said Todd Young, SLF executive director.

"The FISA court has stringent rules governing behavior because it makes decisions on whether a federal agency can spy on Americans. Further, the burdens to tell the truth, disclose timely, and update the FISA court are even more critical because there are no other parties than the government providing evidence to the court - it's unlike any other court in America," said SLF general counsel Kimberly Hermann. "The integrity of our judicial system - including rules governing attorney behavior - are absolutely at stake, as much as when we pursued President Bill Clinton's law license after he lied under oath and obstructed justice. Our nation's top law enforcement powers must be held to the same rules today."

Click here for DOJ/FBI Letter to SLF

Click here for DOJ Motion to Dismiss SLF's lawsuit

Click here for DOJ's brief in support of the Motion to Dismiss

UPDATE (July 10, 2019: Southeastern Legal Foundation announced today that it filed its third lawsuit to obtain communications between the CIA, ODNI, and the FBI regarding the origins of the “Steele Dossier.”

Following its lawsuits against the FBI and CIA, SLF’s most recent lawsuit is against the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is necessary because those attorneys who pushed to include the Steele Dossier and present it to the FISA Court as a basis to spy on the Trump campaign must be held accountable.

Click here for SLF lawsuit - ODNI (lawsuits against FBI and CIA posted below)

ATLANTA, GA: Southeastern Legal Foundation announced today that it filed two federal lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence Agency for records of communications between the Central Intelligence Agency, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the origins of the now infamous “Steele Dossier” that formed the basis of the Carter Page FISA Court applications used to spy on the Trump campaign.

SLF filed the lawsuits after the FBI and CIA failed to respond to its May 24, 2019 Freedom of Information Act requests needed to follow-up to the critical Motion for Publication of Records with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that SLF filed on behalf of award-winning investigative report John Solomon and itself.

“The records sought by SLF in its FOIA request are necessary to help circle the square of information that we believe exists that the FISC may have warned powerful government attorneys in positions of high trust that their actions during the FISA warrant applications related to Carter Page and other American citizens,” said Kimberly Hermann, SLF general counsel.

As John Solomon reported, we know that high-ranking government officials met with Christopher Steele in October 2016 and that the federal government knew that Steele was simultaneously working for both the FBI and Hilary Clinton’s campaign to dig up dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump. The conflicts concerned one State Department employee so much that she flagged them in a typed memo and handwritten notes exactly 10 days before the FBI used the Steele Dossier to secure the Carter Page FISA Court application. This begs the questions: What else did the government attorneys know? What else did the government attorneys hide from the FISC? The American public deserves answers and SLF is committed to getting them.

Click here for SLF lawsuit - FBI

Click here for SLF lawsuit - CIA

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