GA Sanctuary Cities - A Quick Primer

ATLANTA, GA: A critical constitutional issue that engages federal, state, and local governments is the decades-long issue of sanctuary jurisdictions. Sanctuary jurisdictions are those that refuse to cooperate and instead obstruct immigration enforcement.

In an effort to end and expose illegal and unconstitutional policies that protect illegal aliens at the expense of taxpayers, communities, and law enforcement, SLF launched a comprehensive project to Stop Sanctuary Cities! As part of our efforts, we are reviewing policies in jurisdictions across our nation to expose and end illegal sanctuary. In Georgia, despite state laws prohibiting sanctuary jurisdictions, the following six jurisdictions maintain policies that forbid state and local officials from cooperating or assisting federal immigration enforcement agents – in violation of state law, federal law, and the Constitution: Athens-Clarke County, City of Atlanta, City of Clarkston, City of Decatur, DeKalb County, and Fulton County.

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