SCOTUS: Scholars Support States in DAPA Battle, SLF Brief

WASHINGTON, DC: Joined by a group of nationally recognized federal court scholars, Southeastern Legal Foundation filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting 26 states challenging President Obama’s unilateral actions that will protect at least 5 million undocumented aliens from deportation and cost $324 million over the next three years alone. Even more egregious than the President’s unconstitutional actions, which encroach on the powers of the States and violate the Take Care Clause of the Constitution, is the Federal Government’s argument that the States lack standing, the ability to bring the lawsuit. Finding standing in this case requires no special standards or loopholes for state governments – it simply requires recognition that the States are governments within themselves, with responsibilities that are in part a function of whom federal law permits to be lawfully present in their jurisdictions.

Click here for SCOTUS brief filed by SLF

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