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The First Amendment shouldn’t be complicated. But on today’s college campuses, students find themselves constantly fighting for their rights to speak, listen, and learn. That’s why we launched the 1A Project.

Legal battles

SLF holds colleges and universities accountable when they infringe on your 1A rights.

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We offer dozens of tools and training for students like you.

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Need some advice? Reach out to us for training, consultations, and more. 

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Arming Students with Knowledge


SLF offers weekly training sessions, webinars, and round table discussions to college students throughout the school year. If your student organization is interested in hosting one of our speakers, contact us to submit a request.

For more information, check out our guidebook featuring everyday scenarios you may face–and what to do about them.

“It is our goal to give you the tools to stand up for yourself in this fight for freedom.

And we are ready to assist you every step of the way.”


Kimberly Hermann
SLF General Counsel